About Täby Enskilda Gymnasium – our school profile

Täby Enskilda Gymnasium – the organisation

Täby Enskilda Gymnasium is a charter school without ties to any educational corporate groups, wholly independent since its establishment in 1999. Owned by local entrepreneur Poul Sörensen, who is also acting chair of the board of directors, our school has, over the past twenty years, grown and developed into one of the best schools in the country.

The school is run as a privately owned business, and its board of directors consists of Poul Sörensen (chair), Fredrik Sörensen (CEO), Jan Liljegren (principal) and teacher union representatives.

Our motto

Passion for learning

Our students

The majority of the students at Täby Enskilda Gymnasium come from municipalities in the north eastern sector of Stockholm County. The socio-economic level of this area is upper middle class and above, and the educational level is relatively high.

Täby Enskilda is one of the most popular upper secondary schools in the greater Stockholm area. Our graduating students achieve among the highest grades in the country.

Täby Enskilda has 890 students.

Curriculum and graduation requirements

Täby Enskilda Gymnasium follows the regulations set by the Swedish National Agency for Education, Skolverket. The school is financed through a national voucher system and we are by law only allowed to accept students based on their grades from year 9.

Due to our popularity, high grades are required to get into all programmes.

The Swedish grading system use the letters F, E, D, C, B, A. F stands for fail, and passed grades ranks from E to A where A is the highest grade.

Täby Enskilda Gymnasium offers five higher education preparatory programmes

  • The Aesthetic programme, media and communication orientation
  • The Economic programme
  • The Natural sciences programme
  • The Social Sciences programme
  • The Technology programme

Grade Point Averages (GPA) for graduating students, june 2019

In the national grading system, 20 is maximum.

Täby Enskilda GPA for graduating students, june 2019 were:

  • Top 5%: 19.88
  • Top 10%: 19,73
  • Top 20%: 19,48
  • Average Täby Enskilda Gymnasium: 17,7
  • Average Sweden 15,3

Quality in practice

Täby Enskilda excels at providing assistance and a clear sense of direction for their student’s assignments.

Students are offered a variety of assignments whether it would be group work, individual assignments or seminars.

Täby Enskilda has an engaged student union who provide happiness and fun activities throughout the school year.

Students are offered a tutorial time every week, where students and teachers can provide feedback for each other and students can express their concerns regarding specific assignments.

Täby Enskilda offers students healthy and nutritious food to keep the students and teachers fed, improving work ethic.

Covid-19 adaption

During the spring semester, from March 18 to June 3, Täby Enskilda had full time ’remote education’, meaning that the students were following classes at home and the teachers taught from school. During the autumn semester, from August 24 to December 4, Täby Enskilda had ’partial remote education’, meaning that a third of the schools students were studying from home following a rolling schedule.

Since all students and staff at Täby Enskilda have their own laptop computer (provided by the school) and the IT-infrastructure of the greater Stockholm area (and in Sweden in general) is very good, remote education has had few technical challenges. Pedagogically, Täby Enskilda has managed very well during these hard times. On exam day June 3 2020, Täby Enskilda saw no negative effects on the third year students’ school leaving grades compared to earlier years. Sweden has made no changes in grading scales, policies for grading or graduation requirements during the covid-19 pandemic.

Contact information

E-mail: info@tabyenskilda.se
Phone: +468-732 21 00

Principal Jan Liljegren
E-mail: jan.liljegren@tabyenskilda.se
Phone: ‭+46 73-222 02 30‬

Vice principal Per Hagdahl
E-mail: per.hagdahl@tabyenskilda.se
Phone: +4670-318 49 93